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Restart your Sales Machine

Simple CRM for Smarter Prospecting. Because how your SDRs spend their day matters.

Visibility of every dial

Click to dial using your usual VoIP softphone (e.g. Bria, Skype). Every dial is audited and linked to a contact and/or company record.

Next Actions and Reminders

Sales Development is a multi-touch activity, ensure call-backs and follow-up actions are not forgotten. Automatically track the number of attempts.

Sales Pipeline Management

Ensure your team stay focused on building a solid pipeline of opportunities rather than a quarterly feast or famine.

Click to dial CRM

Designed by Telemarketing Agencies

We’ve been working with experts in lead-generation and appointment-setting for five years.

Multi-Client / Multi-Database CRM

Easily set-up separate databases for each of your clients, business units or franchises. Switch between databases in just two clicks.

Drag and Drop Import

Loading your data into WorksIQ is easy with our drag and drop tool. Simply drag columns from your spreadsheet onto fields in the CRM.

Fully Hosted and Secure

Hosted in Microsoft Azure, a highly secure and scalable cloud computing platform from one of the world’s leading cloud platform providers.

Multi-Client CRM / Multi-Database CRM

"I have become so dependent on this software that I sometimes have to rely on it to tell me what day it is!"
Patrick Peck Marketing Director at MKC PRO LLC
"As our sales funnel tracking tool, it has been easy to configure and is simple to use. It works really well."
Michael Hill Regional Director EMEA, Quest Worldwide
"I have found it to be invaluable on a daily basis. It has some fantastic features and increased our sales opportunities."
Chris Fuller Director, The Virtual Coach Ltd

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